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                  CHINA ANTI-FAKE CENTER 中文版 ENGLISH 日本語
                    COPYRIGHT © 2008 www.amjs8812802.com Beijing China

                  This station is prompted:
                  ●this station guards against false notary as the third party inquiring about organization ,
                   product providing consumer with authority guards against false information inquiry;;
                  ●if that this station inquires about a hint is "not to have corresponding product
                   information * * * *, beware of imitations ", pay attention to seeing a product
                   clearly inquiring about address , this station providing the product information
                   inquiry already registering in this station only please;
                  ●if coming across this kind condition invite the manufacturer who informs a relevance
                   to give birth to a child: The service department contacting this station as soon as
                   possible, submits the product data arriving at this station data base. Thank you!
                  ●on this station net, inquiry address only has: Www.goodsn.com and www.amjs8812802.com
                   pays attention to bearing this station address in mind, reliably protecting your
                   consumption rights and interests, please;

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